Ultimate LED Emergency Drivers FP

Introducing Our Lighting Emergency Kit: Illuminate Your Way During Power Outages. Be prepared for unexpected blackouts with our advanced Lighting Emergency Kit. Featuring cutting-edge LED technology, long-lasting battery life, and automatic activation, this compact and portable kit provides reliable lighting when you need it the most. Stay safe and secure during emergencies.


  • 5-20W,25W Max. Full power output output
  • For LED tube T5/T8,LED panel,LED downlight
  • Wide voltage input:AC85V-265V,50/60HZ
  • Short-circuit protection and no-loading protection
  • High efficiency and low temperature extend lifespan
  • Test button and LED indicators
  • High capacity Li-ion battery,overcharging protection and over discharging protection
  • The battery pack adopts balanced charging scheme ensuring the parameters of each cell are balanced
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