Essential LED Tube T8

Introducing our Essential LED Tube T8 which offers a highly efficient and versatile lighting solution, designed to replace traditional fluorescent tubes. With its optimized light distribution, various size and color temperature options, and easy installation, it is an ideal choice for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces, providing cost-effective and eco-friendly lighting performance.


  • Illuminate with stunning efficiency, thanks to our products luminous efficacy of 120 lm/W
  • Experience enduring performance with an impressive lifetime of 25,000 hours (L70/B50) with 3 years of warranty
  • Effortlessly customize your ambiance with four color temperature options: 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, and 8000K
  • Operate seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +40°C with our meticulously designed lighting
  • Various size options including 2 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet, making them compatible with most standard fluorescent fixtures
  • Designed for easy installation, offers plug-and-play compatibility, allowing direct replacement of existing fluorescent tubes
  • Offers both single-ended and double-ended connection options, providing flexibility in installation methods based on specific fixture requirements
  • Instant startup without any warm-up time, ensuring immediate and consistent illumination
  • Flicker-free, ensuring a stable and comfortable lighting experience without any noticeable flickering or eye strain
  • Offer uniform and consistent light distribution, eliminating dark spots and providing even illumination throughout the space
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