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When choosing your LED lighting, you should take into consideration several factors, such as the purpose of the space, the ceiling height, and the scope of the lighting (for example ambient lighting or focused lighting). We also recommend you to consider the brightness (lumens), the color temperature (K), the beam angle, and the energy efficiency of the light, among other factors.
Briefly, LED lights are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs, which comes with lower bills and maintenance costs. Plus, they are more eco-friendly, due to lower heat emission and the absence of toxic elements.
Depending on the purpose of the space, you can choose from warm light, suitable as ambient light, to cold lights, suitable for workspaces. For example, a 2500K bulb emits a warm, light, while the 3500-4500K range provides daylight-like illumination.
Yes. For example, our LED flood lights are specifically designed for public spaces or parking lots.
Commercial spaces require practical and versatile solutions, such as the essential LED tubes, LED panels, essential LED panels, or the essential LED cob downlights.
We have multiple products well-suited for residential areas, such as the essential COB downlights, the LED tubes, LED panels, and more. It is essential to consider the needs of each space in order to choose the right lighting solution.
It is an essential elements ensuring the safety of various spaces in case of power outages. They activate automatically and work with various LED fixtures, ensuring continuous, vital lighting in emergencies. They offer unmatched reliability and efficiency, ensuring safety in commercial, industrial, and residential areas.
LED lamps offer superior energy efficiency, instant brilliance, an extended lifespan, and lower power consumption compared to traditional versions. LED lamps also come with several color temperatures, dimming options, and more.
Yes, a wide range of the LED lights in our portfolio are dimmable. This means you can adjust their light according to specific needs. This way, you can lower or increase the intensity of light, getting the needed ambiance or mood in a room.
The Brilliant Light Quality Label ensures the best light quality for your bulb. Thanks to the flicker-free technology, bulbs deliver steady illumination, helping you to get a healthy and more comfortable setting.

Traditional bulbs and some LED lights may flicker due to electrical current processing. This can cause eye strain and discomfort, disrupt photography and video making, by affecting image quality, and potentially trigger seizures in individuals with conditions like epilepsy. Our flicker-free solution addresses these issues, enhancing overall lighting comfort and safety.


VESRA MEA LLC – FZ warranties its products to be free from defects in materials and quality for up to five years – according to the packaging of the product, and is valid only in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen. This warranty only covers products that are correctly installed, properly maintained and appropriately operated by the instructions provided. This limited warranty does not cover failures or working difficulties due to normal wear and tear, accidents, abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication, or improper installation or maintenance.

Notes on return or replace

To request a return, please contact +971 800 83 772 or send an email to support@www.honeywell-lighting.com. All carriage costs for the return of the damaged product will be the purchaser’s responsibility. Return the defective product in its original packaging to the address VESRA MEA LLC – FZ 1907, Opal Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE. You will be required to provide proof of purchase details when making a claim under this warranty.

Return or replace information:

Please download the below Warranty Card, fill in the order and product information, and put it back in the package before shipping the product for warranty claim.
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